dragonfly id Membership Details

Membership Coverage, Pricing & Renewal

1) Service Coverage

Should a paid Member (primary individual or family member living within the same household) suspect a breach of their personal identity, become a victim of identity theft, or have questions about the security of their personal information during the Term of coverage, the Member has access to Identity Restoration Professionals that will provide identity restoration services to all matters related to the possible identity theft event and will remain engaged until the Member’s identity has been restored. See full service details, here

2) Pricing

Membership to dragonfly id Restoration Services can be purchased for as little as $9.98 per month plus applicable taxes based on the Member’s province of residence. Membership requires enrollment with a valid credit card and is a monthly membership period.

3) Membership renewal

Membership will begin on the effective date of enrollment and the selected method of payment will be charged the relevant price for the first month of membership. Membership will automatically renew every month at the same price at the beginning of each membership period. See our Terms of Use, here.