Identity Theft Restoration Services

Did you know?

If someone steals your identity, it can take on average anywhere between

50-175 hours to resolve

Have coverage in place BEFORE identity theft happens to you. As a dragonfly id Member we work with you or on your behalf to address any identity theft concerns or incidents. A service available 24/7 for your peace of mind.

Service Coverage & Pricing

As a member of dragonfly id, your entire household is covered for restoration services. If you suspect a breach of your personal identity, become a victim of identity theft, or have questions about the security of your personal informaiton you have access to our Identity Restoration Professionals. Our team will guide you through the restoration process and all matters related to the possible identity theft. We'll remain engaged until your identity has been restored - that's our member promise.

Membership to dragonfly id Restoration Services start at $9.98 per month.

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Should a dragonfly id member become a victim, there are three restoration options available:

  1. Facilitated Limited Power of Attorney (LPoA) method – Certified professionals manage the entire restoration process. We do this not as advisors, but on behalf of the member/victim.
  2. Guided method – If for any reason a victim should not wish to execute a LPoA, experts will facilitate all components of the restoration. Documents are forwarded to the victim for review and execution. Victims will have the option of participating in all communications with related institutions and government agencies.
  3. Independent method – Once again, should the victim be reluctant to execute the LPoA, the independent restoration option provides victims access to all information required to restore their identity while allowing them the freedom and privacy to take the necessary action(s) themselves.

Members have 24/7 access to dragonfly id multilingual Assistant Agents.

Members have 24/7 access to dragonfly id multilingual Assistant Agents should they suspect a breach, or have questions relating to the following:

  1. Lost documents, passport, cards, cheques or other personal documents.
  2. Irregularities on credit reports or bank statements.
  3. General information about identity theft, restoration and prevention measures