Terms Of Use


Updated: April 19, 2018

Welcome to dragonfly id. The Terms of Use contains the terms and conditions upon which you may purchase identity restoration services through our website www.dragonflyid.ca (hereafter “Site”).

Who is eligible and covered as a Member

Membership is valid for Canadian residents only. A Member shall mean the primary individual named on the Certificate of Coverage and family members living within the same household.

Membership Term

The Membership period will begin after the initial payment is successfully received by dragonfly id through the Site to effect immediate coverage of the Service Benefits. Membership will continue on a month to month term until such time that either i) the Member cancels membership (further explained in the section “Membership Termination”) or ii) Membership is cancelled due to failure of payment (further explained in the section “Payment Terms”).

Payment Terms

To enroll as a Member, dragonfly id will charge the membership fee to the credit card provided at time of enrollment. Membership automatically renews monthly. Each monthly renewal fee shall be charged to the credit card on file at the prevailing membership rate. By submitting credit card information, the card holder hereby agrees to authorize dragonfly id to charge the credit card, as applicable, within thirty (30) days of initial credit card authorization and thereafter automatically within thirty (30) days after each renewal date.

As the Members credit card nears the cards expiry date, the Member consents dragonfly id to notify the Member via email to update credit card information at 60 days prior and again 30 days prior to the credit card’s expiry date. Members can update their credit card information through the Members portal of the Site under “My Account”. Should the credit card fail to authorize at time of renewal date, the Member will be notified via email and the Service Benefits of Membership will be cancelled for non-payment. In event of cancellation due to failure of payment, the Member agrees that dragonfly id will not be liable to the Member or any third party for termination of membership or access to the Members portal of the Site.

Membership Cancellation

Membership may be cancelled at any time and may be facilitated by the Member through the Members portal under "My Account”. Cancellation requests can be submitted up to 11:00pm on the day prior to the Renewal Date and the credit card will not be charged for subsequent months. Cancellation requests received in the middle of a monthly term will result in cancellation of coverage effective midnight of the day prior to the Renewal Date. In these instances, the Member will not be entitled to receive a pro-rata refund. Service Benefits will remain in effect until midnight of the day prior to Renewal Date.

Service Benefits Overview

Should a Member, suspect a breach of their personal identity, become a victim of identity theft, or have questions about the security of their personal information during the term of coverage, the Member has access to Identity Restoration Professionals that will answer any questions or provide identity restoration services to all matters related to an identity theft event, and will remain engaged until the Member’s identity has been restored.

A Member will have 24/7 access to multilingual Agents to assist should they:

  1. Suspect a breach of their personal identity has occurred;
  2. Have questions or require assistance regarding lost or stolen identification documents, cards, cheques or other personal documents;
  3. Have questions relating to irregularities on credit reports or bank statements;
  4. Require access to Mental Health Professionals to help deal with the emotional trauma of becoming a victim of identity theft.
  5. While travelling, require assistance regarding the theft or loss of personal identification documents;

In the event a Member’s personal identity has been compromised, the Member, at the time of the event, may exercise any of the following personal identity restoration options:

  1. The Member may execute a Limited Power of Attorney (LPoA), naming dragonfly id’s restoration service Partner(s), granting them the ability to act on behalf of the Victim to restore their personal identity; or
  2. If for any reason, the Member should not wish to execute the LPoA, Restoration Professionals will facilitate all components of the restoration, however, documents will be forwarded to the Member for review and execution. Members will have the option of participating in all communications including by telephone with related institutions and government agencies; or
  3. The Member shall have access to all information required to restore their personal identity while allowing them the freedom to take the necessary action themselves.

Exclusions & Limitations of Services Benefits

  1. Identity theft restoration services, are assistance services only and are not insurance or an indemnity of any nature against losses, costs or damages which may be incurred by any Member;
  2. Coverage shall be void if the Member makes fraudulent statements, misrepresentations or intentionally conceals material facts relating to the stolen personal identity event;
  3. The Identity Restoration Professionals’ ability to provide helpful services if a stolen identity event occurs depends on the Member’s cooperation, permission and assistance;
  4. While the personal identity Service Benefits contained herein are extensive, we do not warrant to end or solve all problems that may be associated to a stolen personal identity event.

Use of Service/Making a Claim

To make an inquiry or to make a claim for a personal identity theft event, the Member must call the toll-free number on the Certificate of Coverage, and make available the following documents:

  1. Proof of valid membership (copy of the Certificate of Coverage) at the time of the personal identity theft event.
  2. In the event the Claimant is not the primary individual named on the Certificate of Coverage, proof of relationship with primary individual is required, including but not limited to proof of residency.