dragonfly id Service Coverage

General Terms & Conditions

“Claim” shall mean a claim made by the Member.
“Member”, “I”, “Me”, “My”, “You”, and “Your” shall mean the primary individual covered.
“Term”hall mean a period beginning with the Effective Date and ending on the Expiry Date outlined on the Certificate of coverage.


Should You or a family member living under the same household, (Victim hereafter), suspect a breach of their personal identity or become a victim of identity theft during the Term, the Victim has access to Identity Restoration Professionals that will provide identity restoration services to all matters related to the possible identity theft event and will remain engaged until the Victim’s identity has been restored.


The Member must comply with the following conditions for the Identity Theft Benefit to be valid:

  1. The personal identity theft event must have occurred during the Term of coverage;
  2. The personal identity theft Claim must be reported within six (6) months after the stolen personal identity event has occurred.


The Victim will have 24/7 access to multilingual agents to assist the Victim should they:

  1. Suspect a breach of personal identity has occurred;
  2. Have questions regarding lost cards, cheques or other personal documents;
  3. Have questions relating to irregularities on credit reports or bank statements;
  4. Require Mental Health Professionals to help them deal with the emotional trauma of becoming a victim of Identity Theft.

In the event the Victim’s personal identity has been compromised, the Victim may exercise the following personal identity restoration options:

  1. The Victim may execute a Limited Power of Attorney naming the service provider, granting them the ability to act on behalf of the Victim to restore their personal identity; or
  2. The Victim is provided access to information required to restore their personal identity with the support of an expert team of Restoration Professionals supporting the Victim through every step of the process; or
  3. The Victim shall have access to all information required to restore their personal identity while allowing them the freedom to take the necessary action themselves.


  1. Identity theft restoration services, are assistance services only and are not insurance or an indemnity of any nature against losses, costs or damages which may be incurred by any Victim;
  2. Coverage shall be void if the Victim makes fraudulent statements, misrepresentations or intentionally conceals material facts relating to the stolen personal identity event;
  3. The Identity Restoration Professionals’ ability to provide helpful services if a stolen identity event occurs depends on the Victim’s cooperation, permission and assistance;
  4. While the Personal Identity Theft Benefits are extensive, we do not warrant to end or solve all problems that may be associated to a stolen personal identity event.


To make a personal identity theft Claim, the Victim must call the toll free number available on the Certificate of Coverage, and make available the following documents:

  1. Copy of the Certificate of Coverage (available upon purchase of Membership) as proof of valid membership.
  2. In the event the Victim is not the Member, proof of relationship with Member is required. (including but not limited to proof of residency).